Kubra Sait

Actor, Emcee / Host

NAME - KUBRA SAIT Kubra Sait – ACTOR, ANCHOR, TV HOST Kubra Sait - Winner of India’s Best Female Emcee Award, She is one of the most admired and celebrated anchors’ we have in the live entertainment business. She is a prolific speaker who has performed and enthralled audiences in more than 30 countries She is one of the counties first Anchor to build her brand and has registered a trademark as #PaidToTalk A Tedx Speaker. Kubra Sait – As a TV Host her spans across a bouquet of entertainment, Travel, Food & Sports channels across India, the Middle East and South East Asia She has also been a part of several Bollywood films just to name a few “Ready “ “Jodi Breaks” “I Love NY” and in the recent she was seen in Sultan


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