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Event Management

Senses Creations is an event management firm with in house creative team along with production house. We provide end to end service, from conceptualising events to production and execution. Corporate to retail, we work with clients from all sort of verticles that includes Automobile, Real estate, IT companies, Malls, FMCG, Technology companies. We believe in retaining our clients with service.

Event Update

LG Soft India, an R&D division of product based multinational company LG, celebrated International Women’s Day on 8th March 2017 at their premises. Senses Creations was given the mandate to bring in the motivational speakers, to organise a flea market and look and feel of the event. The day started with a Flea market, which focused on women products. The Motivational Speakers for the event Sushruthi Krishna (Femina Miss India 2016- 1st Runner Up) and her pillar of support, her mother -Jayashree Krishna flew down from Mumbai, especially for this event. The motivational talk session began with the host introducing the guests, Jayashree Krishna and her beautiful daughter, Sushruthi Krishna. Jayashree Krishna, an ex-employee of Wipro and co-founder of Liga Edutech spoke on the theme “Be Bold for Change”, by looking back to her own life. She spoke of the challenges that women face during their lives and the only way to get through all the difficulty is to be brave and stand against the current situation. To the audience, she said that, being the best in every situation isn’t always necessary, taking help from others, in difficult situation is acceptable, even as a strong woman that it is okay to take help, and it is very important to sometimes let loose and give time for oneself and the family, because, since the family is something that will stand by them during all their odds. After a wonderful inspirational talk, the stage was handed over to her gorgeous daughter Sushruthi. Sushruthi, reflected back to her mother, calling her, her role model, and saying that, to accomplish great things in life, support of family and education is of utmost importance, and people, in every way they can, they should be focusing on it. Women should empower one another because every woman is stronger that than you think she is, braver than you think she is, and smarter than you think she is, and much more beautiful that you think she is!

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