Alim and Azhar Morani on the Much Talked About Rumor – the White Dubai Edition

Entertainment | March 17, 2017 | Interview

Rumor White Dubai DOME@NSCI Rage Entertainment Alim Morani

Rumor – the White Dubai Edition took place on March 11 at Dome@NSCI, Mumbai, curated and executed by Rumor and Rage Entertainment, which included Alim and Azhar Morani, Directors, Rage Entertainment as well as Priyank Sharma, Kashish Malkani, Siddhanth Kapoor, Sheel Gupta and Nikhil Kamath. Rage Entertainment is a part of the Cineyug Group of Companies focused on events in the EDM, techno, and electro house space.

The event received a tremendous response with over 5000 people attending, while participating artists were acrobats, performers, and singers from White Dubai, including their in house DJs Anthony Bassoulu and DJ Devon. The event also had on board the official DJ for Tiny Tempah - DJ Charlsey.

Following the event, Alim and Azhar Morani spoke to EVENTFAQS about what went into planning the event and making it the success that it was.

How did you conceptualise Rumor - White Dubai Pop Up? What made this event really stand out?

In India, we realised that the night life experience had reached a plateau phase. Having experienced a higher level of nightlife in Dubai and other cities around the world, we realised we wanted to bring the same experience to Mumbai, without compromising on quality, and the overall feel of the event. So we decided to do a pop-up (a night only experience) associating with White Dubai, which was nominated as one of the biggest night clubs in the world in 2016. What made it stand out was the international level of performers, acts, production, programming, service and overall experience.

Tell us more about the association with White Dubai and the objectives there.

The purpose of the association was to promote their club in India, as a lot of Indians travel and spend money in nightclubs around the world. At the same time, we wanted to enhance our regular night life goers' experience by several notches.

Describe what went into executing the event - setting up the stage and handling the logistics of the performances?

Executing the event was not an easy task. From communicating with their crew, to implementing their standards into a venue in India took a lot of time and effort. Being one of the premier night clubs in the world, they have been able to, over the years, bring the clubbing experience down to a science.

For this, every specification relating to setup of tables, height of platforms, height of the bar, DJ console, lighting equipment, etc was to be followed to the T, as it was their reputation, as well as ours at stake. To achieve this, we had several rounds of meetings and had to get the best of equipment available, even if it meant importing the same. Even promotion and marketing material had to follow specific guidelines to meet an internationally accepted standard. In the end, it was executed with a whole lot of teamwork, effort, and the combined inputs of two companies with decades of experience in their respective fields.

What was the response? Does it bode well for future editions?

The response was overwhelming. People were awestruck by the grandeur of the experience, both visually and in terms of service. The shows were meticulously choreographed and was something never seen in India before. It definitely gives us the motivation to go ahead and do more experiences of the same quality or better in the future, as we saw that the demand is there.

When will the next edition take place? Any details you can share on what audiences can expect?

The next edition is a secret as of now. We will divulge more details when we can. Audiences can expect to be blown away, as they were at Rumor- The White Dubai Edition. Follow our page on Facebook for more details as they come up.

Attended by over 5000 people, Rumor – the White Dubai Edition took place on March 11 at Dome@NSCI, Mumbai, curated and executed by Rumor and Rage Entertainment.

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