Senses Creations Brings the ‘Indian Mela’ Theme to Life for Sandvine’s Annual Day

Marketing | March 10, 2017 | News

Sandvine Senses Creations Marriott

Sandvine, a networking equipment multi-national company, celebrated its annual day on March 4 at Marriot Whitefield, Bangalore. The annual day, which the Sandvine team fondly referred to as the ‘Family Day’, was a day for the employees and their families to step outside their busy schedule and enjoy the company of their colleagues, be entertained and relax.

This year’s Family Day was based on the theme of ‘Indian Mela’, and hence the name of the event was improvised to ‘Family Carnival’ to suit the theme.  The entire event was planned and organised by Senses Creations, an event management company based in Bengaluru. The tricky challenge for the organising team was to convert the contemporary setting of the venue into something that had the flavours of an authentic Indian carnival. With carnival games like ‘balloon shooting’ and ‘throw the ring’; and décor elements like colourful umbrellas, painted mud pots, and garlands of golden marigold, the venue reminded the guests of a ‘Mini-Mela’.

The guests, irrespective of their age, indulged themselves in several games and snacks, before the onset of the main program, which began with a skit by the employees followed by a musical performance by B-Sharp, a six-member band that entertained the guests with several covers for upbeat and popular Bollywood songs, also made the guests dance to their tunes. The emcee, Tejaswi Kannan, engaged the guests with short games which were topped up by the goodies she provided after every game.

Radhika, the Human Resource Director of Sandvine was all-smiles as the event came to an end as she saw all her colleagues enjoying their evening. She appreciated the Senses Creations team for their efforts to bring to life what she wanted for the Family Day, making it an engrossing evening.

Sandvine, a networking equipment multi-national company, celebrated its annual day on March 4 at Marriott Whitefield, Bangalore.

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