High Street Phoenix Supports Zero Food Wastage with Itsy Bitsy Food Festival

Marketing | February 10, 2017 | News

High Street Phoenix Itsy Bitsy Food Festival

This weekend, High Street Phoenix, Mumbai in association with Mumbai Foodie and Paprika Idea Labs (Time Out) is organising the second edition of the Itsy Bitsy Food Festival and will be held on February 11 and 12.

With some new editions and some old time favourites, Itsy Bitsy will host 25 food stations offering bite-sized delectable portions of the food brands such as The Curry Brothers & Silverspoon Gourmet, Coney Island, Mo's Superfoods + Frugurpop, INDIZZA, The Stick House, Orbango, Mexican Express, Pack a Pav, Kaavo, PitaBurg, Poutinewalla, Yours Drooly, Tokyo Treat, Bao Haus, Waffle House, YoMitho and a lot more.

At the Itsy Bitsy Food Fest, food stations will create bite sized portions of their regular menu giving attendees a chance to try a larger variety. Itsy Bitsy is also India's first Zero Wastage Food Festival where all non-reusable material from each food station will be donated to Robin Hood Army, an organization that supplies surplus food from restaurants to the underprivileged, and Roti Bank team.

In addition to food, there will be music performances by all-girl bands such as Ikigai, Aarifah Rebello and The Bassic who will play some Rock and Punk music. Other bands such as Nyugen Trung, Ark n Toon, Banat, Awkward Silence, Across Second and more will also perform and keep the mood lively and energetic at the festival.

There will also be talks on reducing food wastage by Robin Hood Army and Roti Bank.

Commenting on hosting this unique food festival, Rajendra Kalkar, President (West), The Phoenix Mills Limited said, “We are glad to host the second edition of this unique festival. While the festival is different in every sense, High Street Phoenix is also proud to be associated with them to support the zero – wastage food campaign.”

The second edition of the festival will be held over the weekend at High Street Phoenix Mumbai and will offer attendees bite-sized portions from 25 food stations as well as live band performances.

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