UMGI launches division to create brand anthems and corporate jingles

| < a href = '/news/corporate-brand-marketing' > Marketing | March 28, 2012 | News

Music has always played a key role in brand-building. While larger brands have made significant investments in creating and owning jingles in the past, small and medium enterprises are now taking the necessary next step in their evolution and growth by creating their own anthems. With this in mind, Universal Music Group India (UMGI) has formalized a new department, Universal Brand Anthems.

Falling under the Business Development department, Universal Brand Anthems is exclusively dedicated to servicing these clients who have such requirements. This new business team will be actively associating with brands to create proprietary music for media exploitation which, in addition to being used as a marketing asset, can be monetized through music sales.

Commenting on this new division, Devraj Sanyal, Managing Director, Universal Music India (UMI) & SAARC said: "The medium to large enterprises, especially the SME segments, are leaning on innovation as a big part of their brand plan. UMI's new vertical helps create brand anthems which will further fortify their branding using music as their medium. Apart from these songs being used in frontline and BTL advertising, the ability to use these pieces to actually generate phenomenal revenue, using UMGI's own networks, is an industry first as these songs, which are sung by major artists, are also great compositions in their own right."

Ashish Joshi, Digital & Business Development Head, Universal Music India added: "In today's market, having a strong brand can significantly change the way your consumers see you; music lends that strong impact to a brand. While the aim is to enhance brand recognition, memorability and throughput of advertisements, we will use our digital network and other media partnerships to create an additional revenue stream for such brands."

Music is the most pervasive form of entertainment today and brands are increasing their usage of music as a carrier of marketing messages. While music is already used in all television commercials, the recent success of ‘Hum Mein Hai Hero' and ‘Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai' have led brands to recognise the tremendous potential that lies in owning anthems.

Regarding the possible applications of these anthems to BTL activations, Sanyal said: "Universal Brand Anthems will create the song and deploy it. Once it generates enough popularity, it becomes the anthem for that brand. The BTL angle for these anthems will depend on how the brand chooses to deploy the same - part of roadshows, on-ground activations, etc. - which is outside of the general deployment which will have already happened."

Universal Brand Anthems will actively associate with brands to create proprietary music for media exploitation.

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