Three’s Company Production and Godrej Group promotion campaign

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Speaking on the challenges involved in creating such an innovation Kim Saldanha, Vice President Marketing, Customer Centria said, "Broadly, using a virtual world as a marketing channel is in itself an innovation from a marketing standpoint. Add to it the layer of a very large Bollywood release banner, and the combination is most definitely a one of a kind opportunity for both the marketer and the consumer. Marketers are able to take "Brand Experiences" to the consumer in a far more experiential, fully immersive context. The adoption by the consumer and the marketer to fully exploit this convergence of two mediums is a little daunting for both.

A movie partnership inworld involves the seamless integration of two brands. To be able to remain true to the essence of both will continue to remain a challenge. The need to be able to live up to the expectations of both sets of loyal consumers while being true to the brand, requires careful crafting and integration of both. We were able to do this exceptionally well for both the movie partnerships, which raised consumer engagement to a new level altogether and created a new paradigm in movie marketing.

Most movie partnerships involve a tie up with production companies. As a result, because of the multi-layered marketing exercise, it doesn't leave too much time for the actual innovation. Delivering an innovation for a much hyped movie needs to live up to consumer expectation and deliver brand interaction and engagement both for the movie, and for Godrej. Being able to be true to the essence of the character and the movie in general in a virtual world environment is an executional challenge. Also, working with the platform on which Gojiyo was built, to be able to create a complicated layer over it which is time-bound and tactical, is also a specific and very executional challenge. Since the movie released at Christmas time, the integration of two very diverse themes was definitely a challenge. And hence Santa."

Apropos the logistical aspect of the execution,,she said, "Broadly, creating a plan which would leverage the movie; a.To get new consumers into Gojiyo, and experience its unique combination of social networking and gaming in the context of the virtual world, b.To drive repeat visits during the campaign. Marrying creative and technology, involved a lot of design work and detailing - staying true to the characters, the environment and the game itself, that reflected the essence of the film, without compromising on the expectations of the GoJiyo community from the GoJiyo brand.

Creating a compelling customer experience inworld which would earn the user rewards in the real world. Mapping out the Jios earned to the relevant prizes that the user could potentially win was another important step which ensures continuous engagement. Creating and executing a 360 online marketing program to give the entire innovation legs, which required working in perfect harmony to leverage this partnership and included a very robust social media campaign across various channels as well as an acquisition based internet campaign."

At the specific elemental level this included: "Game conceptualization, creation, testing, release/roll-out followed by user feedback and user study inputs used to optimize and re-release the content/game for maximum enjoyment. Reward structuring to maximize audience motivation and fulfillment planning for a pan India audience. Communication design (based on the consumer archetypes identified for this campaign mapped to region that the campaign is being run), roll-out and optimization (across channels - TV, On-line, Social media and Loyalty program) is always challenging in a very short campaign, since there is very little time for build-up and optimization.

All of this, "in a multi-party engagement. Infrastructure, support, planning and management for greater traffic during the campaign. Data collection analysis and reporting to identify and implement opportunities to improve campaign performance"

What planning went into the ideation?

"A deep understanding of the Bollywood consumer, and the buzz around the impending release of the film - through our listening software- which involved tapping into a host of Bollywood communities across the web. Once this was achieved, we required to layer it with our various consumer archetypes within Gojiyo, each mapped to a different region.

Snowflash was the region selected because it primarily catered to the action and adventure lovers, and its snow covered terrain, was the perfect environment to celebrate Christmas. A direct outcome being the tactical facelift Snowflash was given for Christmas - with its Christmas tree and new year greetings, to the decorated houses etc. Once the region was selected, key elements of the story was earmarked for further development and married with the above for our creative team to create the avatar for TMK character and Santa Claus. Once the concept and creative route were cracked, the same was then handed over to the design and development team for implementation" she said.

Tees Maar Khan is being promoted on Gojiyo website inworld snowflash region. Kim Saldanha talks about the innovation.

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