We’ll target rural masses via mobiles and India Post, says Sanjay Kaul

| Marketing | July 18, 2014 | News

Two weeks ago, there was a stir amongst rural marketing agencies, as the top post for the Rural Marketing Association of India came up for re-election. The entire general body sat in for a unanimous vote where Sanjay Kaul, CEO of Impact Communications was declared the new president of RMAI for tenure of two years. No stranger to the duties and responsibilities that go with this stop, Sanjay Kaul had previously served as vice president of RMAI under the leadership of Pradeep Kashyap, a founder member and now a former president. EVENTFAQS caught up with the new president on his plans for RMAI and the rural marketing sector during his tenure.

What are your plans for RMAI during your tenure?

RMAI is already an established knowledge body, my first priority would be to further strengthening this positioning. I have laid down a detailed road map for RMAI for next two years.

We have already firmed up series of activities & initiatives for the calendar year in our EC meet. In sync with the changing needs of the industry we would be organizing roundtables & conferences on topics relevant to various industry segments. For instance, 45 percent of 700 million mobile users are from rural areas, mobile would be a game changer for rural. We would also be organizing a workshop on mobile technology in coming months.

On annual basis, RMAI will conduct syndicated research projects with other partners to help the members & industry at large.Monitoring & measurement of various activities is a huge challenge for large scale activities. We also have plans to develop common and affordable tools for the industry to address this challenge.

My other effort would be to work with various industry bodies & Govt. We would be jointly working with India Post to help them design workable models to leverage their vast rural network. This will in turn help our members to use this vast network to reach rural. Towards November we will also be organizing a Govt. focused event to explore the scope of working with other government bodies like Health, Census, Railways, Rural Development etc. On long term my vision for RMAI is to have consultative role in policy making.

Our membership has an equal representation from corporate & agencies, therefore my another priority is make RMAI more inclusive to stakeholders.

To find out more about Sanjay Kaul's plans for RMAI, check out the August issue of our magazine, Experiential Marketing.

New president of RMai, Sanjay Kaul, speaks about his plans for RMAI during his tenure.

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