Promo Sapiens and Sony Music forge alliance to manage talent

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Promo Sapiens and Sony Music have forged an alliance whereby celebrity management tasks will be split between the two. Promo Sapiens will work as booking agents while Sony music continues to develop and manage their careers.

Elaborating on the alliance, Sameer Shah, Head - Artists and Talent Business, Sony Music said, "Internationally, this industry works on two levels - the artist managers and artist management companies, and secondly, booking companies. Artist management agencies work on the development of artists' careers which includes PR, endorsements, etc while booking companies work exclusively on booking shows. But in India, customarily artist management companies perform both tasks and can't focus on just one aspect. So, we decided to get into an alliance with Promo Sapiens, because they have strength in the booking business and even have events of their own. So, they will handle only bookings while we focus on the artists' career, styling, PR, brand endorsements and liaisons with agencies."

Pakul Chaturvedi, Chief - Asia Pacific, Promo Sapiens remarked, "We have been closely related to Sony Music for more than four years now. Recently, we planned to enhance the area in terms of placement of celebrities on TV. We still wanted to expand our horizon and since we enjoy good relations with Sony, it makes good business sense for us to expand into this segment. Sony is a bigger company and forming this alliance makes good sense."

Talent to be managed according to the terms of the new alliance include performers in 'Indian Idol 5' and 'India's got talent'.

While bookings will be managed by Promo Sapiens, Sony can focus on celebrity profile management.

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