92.7 BIG FM urges Hyderabad to curb vehicle enthusiasm

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Hyderabad roads see more than 25 lakh vehicles and it is assumed that, with the continuing pace of growth, the coming years will see the vehicle population outstripping the human population. 92.7 BIG FM continued on its mission to raise awareness on issues of relevance to Hyderabadis by marking World Population Day on July 11. This year, they focused not on the human population, but on the uncontrolled, burgeoning vehicle population that will lead to chaos in the near future.


At the Begumpet main road in Hyderabad, 92.7 BIG FM adopted a unique perspective of future problems. They pictured Hyderabad in the year 2020 - a time when vehicles have crossed all manageable limits and multiple vehicles would be piled on top of each other in search of space. The event highlighted that the only viable solution is to start carpooling and bikepooling. To endorse this awareness drive, actor Krishnudu of Vinayakudu fame, and singer Sunitha drove to work in one car, thus appealing to Hyderabadis to share their vehicles while travelling to work.


Speaking on the occasion, Ravi, Radio Jockey, 92.7 BIG FM said: "All of us love our city and as its true citizens, we should make it an ideal place. Vehicle sharing is one of the most important initiatives and a way forward to deal with the growing menace of vehicle population. Let's decongest Hyderabadi roads".


In addition to the on-ground aspect, all RJs of BIG FM - Shekar, Adonica, Ravi, Jo and Krish - went live on-air together to communicate the message of pooling for a better tomorrow. The station offered programming around the overall campaign.

92.7 BIG FM focused on the uncontrolled, burgeoning vehicle population that will lead to chaos in the near future.

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