Bharat Jain

Emcee / Host

With him around, there’ll never be a dull moment, be it late arrivals or technical glitches, there’s been little to worry for the organizers with Bharat at their disposal. For, he with his workmanship ensures the smooth conduct of an event. He has a deep understanding of his roles and responsibilities as an Anchor/Moderator/Presenter and is also a skilled Panel Discussion Moderator. Given the energy, enthusisam he renders and the unique style that immerses everybody in the audience, this bald anchor is truly - The BALD Face of Entertainment.

Event Update

Shivaditay Modi from Ericsson GSC thanked Cigma Events for being a grace and saving the day after rains played havoc damping the venue for the event. He also lauded Cigma Events for their dedicated efforts and also for getting Bharat Jain on board to make the event an overall success after everything had to be moved to the parking lot upon short notice. The onus was on Bharat Jain to ensure that the relocating of the venue did not dampen the spirits of Team Ericsson GSC! Guess What? It felt like, it never rained! The BALD Face of Entertainment had everyone going from the minute he took on stage. The highlight of the event was Buzz Bomb Snitch, which saw the participants engage in a game like never before! The event concluded with a lucky draw and Bharat Jain made use of no cue cards at the event going #Handsfree!

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