Updated on 17 October 2014
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"We intend to make our existing IPs bigger, year on year"
2 April 2012
First launched in Mumbai in 2002, followed by Delhi and Kolkata in 2003, Red FM has 50 stations across India, including the Suryan stations. In 2009, the brand was taken national in a first of its kind rebranding exercise, in which 38 stations under the S FM brand were rebranded to Red FM. With its ‘Bajaate Raho!' attitude, today Red FM is known as the ‘Station for Expression' to the common man.

In an interview with EVENTFAQS' Rachel George, Rajat Uppal, General Manager Marketing, Red FM, discusses the rationale behind his move to this radio station and what he plans to accomplish in the station's future:

What led to the decision to join Red FM? As General Manager Marketing, what will you do in the area of radio activations?

Superhits Red FM 93.5 is one of the largest and strongest FM networks brand in India. Red is a young and exciting brand known for its irreverence and its ‘Bajaate Raho' positioning which gives a marketer a huge opportunity to do innovative stuff.

In my new role, I will work to strengthen the brand ‘Red' across the Red FM network and look at driving marketing initiatives which have the brand attitude and innovation at its core.

How important is it to activate audiences and why? How do you plan to strengthen brand ‘Red'?

Radio as a medium has huge local connect and it's very important for any radio brand to build engagement with its listeners. The brand with its ‘Bajaate Raho' positioning has managed to build a strong emotional connect with its listeners. I intend to build on this listener connect by offering them exciting radio promotions backed with some creative programming. This has been and continues to be the single biggest differentiator for Red FM.

How do you plan to create a better on-ground connect with Red FM's audience for future activations?

We intend to do on-ground which is more engaging, innovative and at higher frequency than earlier.

What strategy will you use to build on the success of existing Red FM properties? Do you plan to create new IPs under the Red FM banner?

We intend to make our existing IPs bigger, year on year, in scale so that they reach out to a much larger audience. Yes, as the market evolves and we see an opportunity, we may come up with new IPs.

Please comment on the benefits that media brands derive from owning on-ground/event IPs?

IPs help brands to build on their core positioning identities, as most are extensions of the core positioning. They also give brands opportunities to create content and to monetize and generate revenues.

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